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tp = Trumpet (2tp = 2 Trumpets... etc)
tb = Trombone (2tb = 2 Trombones... etc)
cl = Clarinet
a = Alto Sax
t = Tenor Sax
b = Bariton Sax
(aattb = Alto, Alto, Tenor, Tenor, Baritone Sax)

pno = Piano
bjo = Banjo
gtr = Guitar
tu = Tuba
dms = Drumbs
bass = Double Base
wbd = Washboard
v = Vocal
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Back in your own backyard Jolson, Rose 3tp/3tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Fletcher Henderson Orch. 1937. trans.
Bei Mir Bist du Schoen Shalom, Secunda 3tp/2tb/cl/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Benny Goodman,Carnegie Hall 1938.trans 
Bessie couldn't help it Warner, Richmond 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/tu/dms.v. H.Carmichael Orch.1930.part trans.
Black Beauty Ellington 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington Orch.1927. trans.
Blackbirds of 1928 Medley Fields, McHugh 3tp/3tb/aatt/pno/bjo/bass/dms.v. Keith Nichols own arrangement Ellington style.
Blues with a feeling Ellington 3tp/tb/aat/pno/bjo/bss/dms. Ellington trans.  1 1 piece
Breakaway Conrad, Mitchell 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v. Jack Hylton Orch.
Bugle Call Rag Pettis, Schoebel 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington Orch.1933. trans.
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Can you take it? Fletcher Henderson 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Fletcher Henderson trans.
Caravan Tizol, bigard 3tp/3tb/aatb/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington orch.
Carolina Stomp Bloom, Costello 3tp/tb/aatb/pno/bjo/tu/dms. Fletcher Henderson trans.
China Boy Winfree, Boutelje 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Red Nichols Five Pennies 1930 trans.
Cotton Club Stomp Ellington 3tp/2tb/attb/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington.part trans.
Cotton Club Stomp 2 Ellington 3tp/2tb/attb/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
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Dance Little Lady Noel Coward 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v. Keith Nichols own arrangement
Ding Dong Daddy from Dumas, I'm a P. Baxter 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms.v. Louis Armstrong trans.
Don't be that way Sampson, Goodman 3tp/2tb/cl/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Carnegie Hall. 1938 trans.
Double Check Stomp Ellington 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
Drop me off in Harlem Ellington 3tp/2tb/attb/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
Duke steps out, The Ellington 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
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Ease on down Williams, Russell 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Luis Russell trans.
Echoes of Harlem Ellington 3tp/3tb/aatb/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington trans.1936
Embassy Stomp Bert Barnes 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ambrose trans.
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Four or five times Gay, Helman 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v.trio. McKinneys part trans.
Freeze and melt Fields, McHugh 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
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Happy as the day is long Arlen, Koehler 3tp/2tb/aatb/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Leo Reisman part-trans.
Harlem Airshaft Ellington 3tp/2tb/attb/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington trans. red.
Hobson Street Blues Zurke 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Zurke orch. trans.1939
Hooray for Hollywood Whiting, Mercer 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Goodman trans.(film)
Hop Head Ellington 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.ext.1927
Hot and bothered Ellington 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.1928
Hot Feet Fields, McHugh 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms.v. Ellington part trans.1929
Hotter then Hades Nichols 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Keith Nichols own arrangement
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I need lovin' Johnson, Creamer 3tp/tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms. Fletcher Henderson trans.
I'm comin' Virginia Cook, Heywood 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms. Fletcher Henderson trans.
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Jungle nights in Harlem Ellington 3tp/2tb/aatb/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
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Krazy Kat Wooding 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v. Sam Wooding trans.
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Let's do it Porter 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/tu/dms.v. Dorsey Bros.trans. 1929.
Life goes to a party Harry James 3tp/2tb/cl/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Goodman Orch. Carnegie Hall.1938
Lowdown on the bayou Leslie 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms. Connies Inn orch trans.
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Mahogany Hall stomp Williams 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Armstrong orch.trans. sev. versions.
Mandy, make up your mind Clarke, Turk 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v. Keith Nichols own arrangement
Maori Tyers 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington part-trans.
Mean Lowdown, (When the folks..) Berlin 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Keith Nichols own arrangement
Meanest kind of Blues Katzmen 3tp/tb/3cl/pno/bjo/tu/dms. Fletcher Henderson trans.
Merry-go-round Ellington 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington trans. 1935
Misty Mornin' Ellington 3tp/tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
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No Strings Berlin 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Astaire trans.
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Okay Baby Pinkard 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v Mckinneys part - trans.
Old Man Blues Ellington, Mills 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
One More Time DaSylva, Br.Hend. 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Gus Arnheim orch. trans.
Oodles of Noodles Jimmy Dorsey 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Al Gallodoro solo with Whiteman
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Perdido Ellington 3tp/3tb/aattb/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
Potato Head Blues Armstrong 3tp/2tb/3cl/pno/bjo/tu/dms. Armstrong Hot 7 trans. enl.
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Rockin' in Rhythm Ellington, Carney 3tp/2tb/aatb/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington 1930 part trans. for
Rose Room Hickman,Williams 3tp/3tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Fletcher Henderson trans. 1937
Roy Rag Harry Roy 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Enl. from stock arr.
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Saint Louis Blues Handy 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Jack Hylton trans.
Shakin' the African Arlen, Koehler 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms.v. Don redman trans.
Sheik of Araby Snyder 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v. Voc. backing for Bob Taylor.
Shine Dabney 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms.v. Louis Armstrong trans.1930
Shuffle off to Buffalo Warren 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Carroll Gibbons style
Singin' the Blues Robinson, Conrad 3tp/2tb/cl/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Red. from Challis arr.
Snake Hips Anderson, Alvis 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Mills Blue Rhythm Band trans.
Solitude Ellington, DeLange 3tp/3tb/aattb/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington trans. 1934
Somebody loves Me Gershwin 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms.voc.trio. Fletcher Henderson trans. enl.
Song of the Islands King 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Louis Armstrong trans. 1930
Spell of the Blues Dreyer, Ruby 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/tu/dms.v. Dorsey Bros.Orch.trans.
Stevedore Stomp Ellington 3tp/2tb/cl/ab/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
Stomp off, let's go Schoebel 3tp/tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms-wbd. Louis Armstrong w.Erskine Tate trans.
Stormy Weather Arlen, Koehler 3tp/2tb/attb/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Ellington part-trans from film 2nd arr.
Sweet dreams of love Ellington 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
Sweet Thing Williams, kahn 3tp/tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v. FletcherHenderson trans.
Swingtime in the Rockies Mundy 3tp/2tb/aatt/cl/pno/gtr/bass/dms. Goodman Orch.Carnegie Hall.1938
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T.N.T. Schoebel 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms. Fletcher Henderson trans.
Take it Easy Ellington 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/bass/dms. Ellington trans.
Trickeration Arlen, Koehler 3tp/2tb/aat/pno/bjo/tu/dms.v. Cab Calloway trans.
Truckin' Bloom, Koehler 3tp/2tb/aatb/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Ellington part-trans.
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Waller Medley Waller 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Keith Nichols own arrangement
You ought to see Sally on Sunday Woods 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Ray Noble trans.
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You're the Top Porter 3tp/2tb/aatt/pno/gtr/bass/dms.v. Jack Hylton trans.

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